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Author: Jason Wright



Happy Giving Tuesday everyone! We hope these last few days have been marked by celebration and time with family. Today offers an exciting opportunity to celebrate the blessings of the year through giving back! Today we invite you to partner with us through giving as we continue Ddembe’s mission: to bring love, hope, and freedom to widows, destitute mothers, orphans, and vulnerable children in Uganda. 

The last two years have been difficult for many, and that is no different for the Ugandan people. The needs all around us have continued to grow, and we have been growing as well. We are developing a program for teenage mothers, as COVID has led to a skyrocketing number of teenage pregnancies. We also hope to start programs for pastoral training soon, as there are many with a desire to plant churches in remote areas of the country but few training opportunities for them. 

These are just a couple of ways your donation this Giving Tuesday can make a difference in the lives of many. We have seen story after story of life-change and renewal even during the challenges of the pandemic. We are proud to say that 100% of your gift goes directly to the ministry at Ddembe. Every penny you donate goes directly to serving those in need. 

Please consider partnering with us today as we strive to love those in our community and bring them hope in this season. The donate button is at the top right of the page. God is at work at Ddembe; we hope you’ll support us today not only through a financial gift, but through prayers for continued life-change! As always, we are so grateful for your support and continued partnership as Ddembe grows!

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Ddembe Garden Party: Thank You!


This holiday season has been off to a sweet start for us at Ddembe. We had our first ever Ddembe Garden Party on November 18th!

The party was an amazing success thanks to all of you; it allowed us to share many of the handcrafted items created by the women in our widow ministry. The majority of women involved in this area of Ddembe are widows and single mothers who are HIV positive. Many of these women have children and grandchildren under their care, plus the added concern and financial burden of an HIV diagnosis. Our widow ministry — spearheaded by the wonderful Mrs. Mary –- seeks to care for these women tangibly by teaching them skills like weaving and sewing and offering them a restoration of hope through ministering to their physical as well as their spiritual needs.

Each of the items at our Garden Party was made by these incredible women. It was a joy for those of us on the U.S. side of Ddembe to meet with so many of you at the party. We loved being able to share with you all the ways the Lord has been working in the lives of the women and families of Ddembe. We thank you all for the many ways you support us – whether through buying goods made by the women, supporting us monthly, or partnering with us in prayer.

As we head into Giving Tuesday tomorrow, we ask you to consider partnering with us as we seek to see Christ’s freedom known and hope restored for widows, destitute mothers, orphans, and vulnerable children.

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