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Ddembe is connected with a baby’s home in a nearby neighborhood. Many of our children at Ddembe have come from this home, and when the authorities come to us regarding cases where the children are too young to live at Ddembe, we connect them with this home.

In the fall of 2023, they contacted us about a 5-month-old baby named Mark, who had been placed in their home. He was born blind, but recently, during a check-up at a nearby clinic, they were informed that there might be a potential solution to Mark’s blindness: surgery that could restore his vision. However, the orphanage couldn’t afford the surgery.

Mark’s story deeply moved us, and like the staff at the baby’s home, we desperately wanted to help with this opportunity to give Mark a chance at seeing the world. We reached out to our network for help, and miraculously, within two hours, we had received enough funds to cover the cost of the two surgeries Mark would need.

The first surgery was nerve-wracking. The anesthesia didn’t work as expected, leaving Mark awake during the procedure. But despite the setback, the surgery was successful. Two weeks later, the second surgery went without a hitch, and this time the anesthesia worked!

As Mark’s eyes adjusted to the world around him, he began to see for the first time. The brightness of the sun, the colors of the flowers, the faces of his caretakers – everything was brand new and beautiful.

With the support of his caregivers and the generosity of strangers, Mark has embarked on a journey of discovery. Every day brings new sights and experiences, filling all our hearts with gratitude.

Mark’s story reminds us that miracles are still happening today, often in moments when we least expect them. As Mark looks out upon the world with his eyes wide open, we know that his future is bright with possibility and that he is loved by our great God!

Mark recovering after his first surgery

Mark with a caretaker after recovering from both surgeries