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Grin Coffee’s “Goat Fund Me” Campaign A Success

We are so very thankful for partners who help us provide sustainable empowerment opportunities for our families. Last year, Grin Coffee ran a “Goat Fund Me” campaign to raise funds to help provide small livestock (7 goats and 12 pigs) to nine of our Ddembe families.

Rearing livestock is an important pathway out of poverty for rural Ugandans, particularly small livestock such as pigs and goats. Poverty in Uganda is described as a rural phenomenon because most of the people (80%) live in rural areas, are heavily dependant on rain-fed agriculture, and are poor. Livestock keepers are generally better off, and have more income opportunities, than those who depend entirely on crop agriculture, and small livestock can more easily be raised by people with limited land resources. Thank you, Grin Coffee, for showing the love and helping to improve the lives, income, and nutrition status of our Ddembe families.

Not just goats—pigs, too!

Jjajja (grandmother) Winnie has done an amazing job with her pigs and is expecting her first litter of piglets.

Harry and his faithful helpers.

Rogers is always up for a dance break.

Doesn’t everyone give their pig a ride in the van?

Mama Kato has done well with her goats.