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Rejoicing With Our First Ever Graduates

What a tremendous time of celebration and praise this is! We are beyond excited to introduce to you Ddembe’s first graduates!



The first is Mawagali Joshua. Joshua has a huge heart for loving and caring for others and, as a result, pursued and achieved training to become a nurse. He is already practicing and using his knowledge and skills to serve the sick and the ill in our community, and he has dreams of returning to school someday to become a doctor.


The second is Nakkazi Christine. Christine is a nurturer by heart, and what started as a willingness to always help with the younger children at the home, grew into a desire to be a nursery school teacher. That dream achieved, Christine is now a certified nursery school teacher with a good job and, for the first time in her life, is proudly able to support herself!

Mrs. Agnes (of Agnes’ Childrens’ Care, where these two got their start, and the predecessor to Ddembe) and Papa Moses celebrating our two graduates.

The graduates showing respect and giving thanks to all those who have helped see them through their educational and growth journey.

What a blessing! Gifts of gratitude from Joshua’s extended family for Ddembe. We are thankful for the families we get to know and build relationships with.

Christine and Papa Moses.

Joshua with his Jajja and Papa Moses.

Even royalty was on hand for Joshua’s graduation, as the Busoga King attended a building dedication ceremony on the campus.